• Alcohol Addiction An intixicating liquid that is obtained from fomented grain and fruits.These liquids include beer,wine and other hard liquids like whisky ,brandy etc.Alcohol Addiction is simply defined as a compulsive need for Alcohol.Alcohol Addiction(alcoholism)is prevalent in all areas of the world were Alcohol is used as a beverage.Alcohol is responsible for many deadly Cancers and other diseases.As many as People(upto 100000)die per year in North America is a direct result of this Addiction.Drinking Alcohol regularly can cause Addiction.People who drink regularly overtime may be at a risk of developing a physical dependence on Alcohol.Younger people are at a greater risk of developing Addiction,especially if they start drinking by the age of 16-17.

    Effects from Alcohol Addiction

    This addiction has many complications that gradually affects the health of the abuser.It also depress the central nerves system,Affecting breathing and even cause Coma.Heavy use leads to Alcoholic hepatitis which can eventually lead to cirrhosis of the Liver that leaves the liver scarred from constant healing and destroy the tissue.Alcohol Addiction leads to several problems including inflammation of the stomach,vitamin absorption,effects pancreas,metabolize fats,imbalance in hormones,birth defects when drunk alcohol by a pregnant lady,fatal alcohol syndrome causes small heads,heart problems and eye defects.


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